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ПГМЕТ "Ген.Иван Бъчваров" - Севлиево


es esf 1.Project "Vocational Training for reaching the European standards and quality education" under the Operational Programme "Human Resources - Scheme for providing grants: BG051PO001/07/3.3-01" Developing a mechanism for school and student practices

The project provides young people adapt to the real working conditions by providing professional training of students PGMET "Gen. Ivan Bachvarov" "partners in the firms. Increases the qualifications of the participants / students, teachers, leaders and mentors / in terms of better material and equipment companies in the industry.

2.Project "Providing training to talented students to participate in school Olympiads in Engineering Drawing" by the National Program "With each child care"

The project aims at providing opportunity for further education of students with outstanding abilities in Technical Drawing and Applied software and reasons for participation in the Olympics at the municipal, regional and national level.

3.Project Anti-Aids school newspaper "School Break" (recess), implemented with financial support from the Peace Corps - Bulgaria

The project aims at creating a deliberate attitude towards the problems of sexual health and behavior of students PGMET "Gen.Ivan Bachvarov and other youths from the town and encourage volunteerism in Sevlievo.

4. Lifelong learning and continuing professional education "Phare"

5. "Innovative methods of training, the guarantor of quality in vocational training" Leonardo da Vinci;
6. "The role of extracurricular activities to develop the creativity of students PGMET" Gen.Ivan Bachvarov "
7. "Pathfinder. Personalities such as bridges between Bulgaria and Germany; European project "Our picture, your picture.
8. "European Network for the Arts;
9. International Art Project "The daily life of children in my country;
10. International exhibition "Children of Europe congratulated Bulgaria;
11. "Reading for pleasure;
12. "My language and I;





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